Sedation Specialists is an anesthesia group serving ambulatory surgical centers and office-based practices in Greater New York. Our group is focused on helping private physician offices and surgical centers deliver university level anesthesia care in the private setting. As board-certified anesthesiologists, we are fluent in the nuances of the surgeon’s ambulatory environment and we take pride in delivering extremely safe, pain-free, and personalized care for each patient. We exclusively provide our anesthesia care for outpatient surgeries, and our experience has allowed us to tailor our care to the patient seeking to return home quickly and comfortably after their procedure.

Plastic Surgery. Orthopedics. Pain Management. Gastroenterology. Colorectal Surgery. Gynecology. Podiatry. Urology. Vascular Surgery. Vein Specialists. ENT. Oral Surgery. Ophthalmology. Fertility Services.